Material Processing

mei 6, 2013

Material processing advantages

Novel laser systems such as the Sirius 1000, do create opportunities for new production processes, which were unachievable before. Several features of the NCLR laser system lead to advantages in material processing.

Feature Benefit
Short wavelength Tight focusing & molecular bond breaking
Short pulse duration Small Heat Affected Zone
Excellent beam quality Tight focusingBeam utilization over 90%

No masking required

High peak power density Parallel processing

Potential applications

NCLR has the in house capacity and infrastructure available to develop customer specific applications. A large field of potential applications for the Sirius 1000 laser system has been recognized.

Industry Potential applications
Aerospace Cooling holes in jet engine componentsHole drilling for acoustic damping

Hole drilling for drag reduction panels

Automotive Membrane holes in fuel cellsConditioning of cylinder walls
Other Semiconductor wafer cutting or drillingSurface hardening

Laser annealing

XUV generation

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