Beam handling

mei 6, 2013

Beam handling

With the excellent beam quality in combination with the beam size of 3 cm x 3 cm, it is easy to avoid high intensity spots in the laser beam. Using plain off the shelf UV mirrors, the laser beam can be transported. Distances of several meters can be covered without making use of beam relay optics.

No masking

In contrast to other excimer laser systems, the Sirius 1000 does not require traditional excimer laser optics such as beam homogenizers and masks. Instead, the laser beam can be directly focused onto the workpiece by a single lens or lens system.

High beam utilization

Because masks are obsolete for Sirius 1000, the full laser beam can be focused using a lens. This enables beam utilization factors of over 90%.

Parallel drilling

NCLR has developed the technology to optically split the laser beam into multiple identical copies. This technology offers major advantages in fast and efficient material processing.

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